Shib Vault is a decentralized token in the Ethereum network, born as an idea as far back as September 2022, as a token of help for all DeFi investors and those who will use Shibarium at its release. The $SVAULT team is developing utilities to make the deFi more secure and open to everyone who wants to invest in it. Banks around the world are slowly dying, and when there will be a big banking crisis where do you think people will go?

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Trust The Process

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The Bank of $SVAULT will act just like a ledger, it will be able to keep safe the funds of all deFI investors who choose Shib Vault. We will create a dapp capable of holding the funds, with a security system developed to the smallest detail, which will be monitored and tested by major companies in the industry. Read more in our whitepaper!


Our DEX will be complete with swap,chart initially(for Shibarium), isn't required to put KYC verification, in the future we will add Limit Order,Stop Loss and Perpetual. We will also implement rewards systems for all our investors through liquidity aggregators /staking, the APR of each will be sustainable to ensure a return in the long term.


Our Locker will aim to be officially recognized on Shibarium, and we will also implement a bot on telegram to speed up the lock. The price to lock tokens will be relatively low, so it will be affordable for all projects that will be launched on Shibarium, with the funds we will get from it we will do buyback and burn of $SVAULT.


Our Contract Deployer will be available through a bot on telegram, and we'll also build a dApp that has the same functionality, so that people who don't have experience in solidity can launch tokens in any chain especially shibarium when it comes out. Deployment will have very low and will go for $SVAULT marketing or LP addition.

Safe Long Term Investment
Long Term Investment

$SVAULT is a long term investment, the team will be committed to developing all utilities and will focus on creating a united community.

Understanding Crypto Fundamentals
Safe Investment

$SVAULT is an extremely secure token, liquidity will be locked in at launch for 3 months, and will be extended to a larger marketcap. Ownership will be completely RENOUNCED, meaning that we will not be able to change any functions within the contract, later the audit will come.


Total Supply

4% Total buy/sell

2% Development

Our developer will use the fees to pay for the highly experienced external development team who will help in the development of $SVAULT’s major utilities.

2% Marketing

Our marketing team will work hard to bring a new type of marketing, in addition to callers on telegram and twitter, they will work hard to develop an ad campaign to attract new investors from around the world, on Facebook/Google/Tiktok and financial sites.

Token Distribution

Road Map

Phase 1: 2023

  • Recruitment of core team
  • Hiring of the Marketing & Development team
  • Website launch
  • Whitepaper V1
  • Set up all social media
  • Create the Marketing Plan
  • Smart contract creation and testing
  • Launch on Uniswap

Phase 2 : 2023

  • Push influencer marketing
  • Etherscan & Dextools Update
  • Community competitions and giveaways
  • CVAULT Utility
  • Listing on CMC & CG
  • Strategic Marketing
  • LVAULT for Shibarium
  • Twitter Trend

Phase 3 : 2023

  • Partnership with Influencer
  • SVAULT platform
  • Aggressive Marketing
  • Whale group creation(Top25)
  • Website V2

Phase 4 : 2023

  • Apply to CEX
  • Whitepaper V2
  • Dextools/Dexscreener Ads
  • TVAULT Launch
  • Buyback & Burns(20-30k$)
  • 5K telegram members and 3.5K holders

Phase 5 : 2023

  • Increased visibility on Twitter
  • Review for new team members
  • Google/Twitter/Finance site Ads
  • Advertisements in London,Paris,Hong Kong...
  • Certik Audit
  • Bridge on Arbitrum
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Frequently Asked Questions

Shib Vault is available for purchase and sale through Uniswap and our Custom Swap! You will also be able to buy/sell through DEX/CEX in the future.
  1. Download a wallet such as Metamask or Trust Wallet
  2. Add Ethereum Chain
  3. Proceed to Dapps
  4. Paste the Uniswap/Our Swap link
  5. Enter how much you wish to buy
  6. Complete your purchas
Yes, we have completed the KYC process with " Dessert Finance " company.
The first $SVAULT utility will be released as soon as the shibarium network is officially released(We are also working hard on the development of SVAULT our customized bank, which will be the revolution of this project most likely to be released 2 weeks after the launch). We will produce with the release of the utility a lot of marketing so that we can get everyone to notice the shibarium excusive.
We will create close relationships with influencers who will sponsor us over time, so that we will have more and more eyes on us we will close so called Partnerships. Convenience partnerships with other tokens may also emerge over the time of Shib Vault.
Launch will be on Monday 27th March at 4PM UTC
Our marketing strategy will be very broad, we will not only have influencers on well known telegram and twitter, but we will also be sponsored in the world's best-known finance sites such as yahoo, bloomberg, marketwatch and many others, and we will also develop with a dedicated team on creating ADs on Facebook/Google/Twitter, we will aim to be recognized everywhere.